Dr. Billy Goolesby passed away on September 7, 2020. He was the Pastor of Rome Baptist Temple in North Georgia for 34 years. Dr. Goolesby preached a powerful message at Corinth during the 2018 IBFGA meeting. We found his sermon in our archives and wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy this life changing sermon.


How to Kill A Lion on A Snowy Day

by Pastor Billy Goolesby | March 26, 2018

While the Pandemic is still around…

You can watch online, If you are sick. In that case, please
stay home. Let your godly conscience guide you if you are still uncomfortable attending.
Corinth’s services have been back to in person for several weeks and we are heading towards
normal. Will there be a “new” normal? We don’t know nor does anyone else, but we long for
the time when things aren’t limited by the pandemic. That’s the normal we are aiming for.
Recently our beautiful choir has begun to sing together during Sunday service. Each Sunday we
have a couple of choir songs and two specials, and my how that adds to the service. We publicly
stand as a church and read the Bible letting everyone know we love the Word of God. The
church offers encouragement in several ways. I’ll give you some bullet points.
 Sunday service at 10:45 AM. The music is the greatest this side of Heaven. The messages
are straight from the Bible. Not much fluff, just the pure Word of God. Each message is
recorded for listeners from around the world. If needed, the church has an overflow
 Missionary letters are received almost daily. They are placed on our Mission Hallway for
the church family to read, along with any guests that wish to see the mission footprint
of CBC. We support over 160 missionary families and projects each month. You can help
spread the Gospel also. The sun never sets on the mission ministry of Corinth Baptist.
We give all the glory to God for the things he has done.
 Wednesdays are busy. Facebook Live is on Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM. Pastor Tom
& his better half, Mrs. Deb, do a live feed from their home. The feed lasts around 30-45
minutes and includes a devotion and a time of prayer. If you have a burden or a need
send in your request and we will pray with you concerning your petition. At 6:30 PM, we
have another time of prayer and Bible study during the mid-week service. Pastor Tom is
currently teaching verse by verse through I Thessalonians. You can catch up on past
messages on the church website in the Media section.
 Twice each week, you can read the Pastor’s blog. Several members of our church family
have expressed how they have been blessed by these blogs.
 Connections Ministry. The emphasis of CM is to encourage our church family. We live in
strange times. This strangeness means we are seeking new ways to minister. We are
actively making phone calls to those that are shut-ins or limited in their mobility. We are
sending out cards daily and many are already being encouraged.
 Tithes and Offerings. The work of God continues. We thank God for those that have
been faithful in giving to the work. Each member has a biblical duty to do what they can
and praise the Lord the needs are being met monthly. We do not collect with offering
plates right now. We receive offerings four ways: Online, in the Chest of Joash, snail
mail, or in person.
We are practicing social distancing. The main auditorium is marked off to help with this. We
wear masks as we walk in and out. We have attendants for the restrooms and nursery that are
diligent in cleaning. We are trying hard to be safe but we will be obedient to the command of
the Lord in Hebrews 10:25. We are not to “forsake the assembling of ourselves together.” The
commands of God supersede the commands of man.

Let’s worship together on campas or you can watch us online Sunday at 10:45 am