Based on the information given to us and new guide lines by the Coronavirus task force,

Pastor Tom, for the health and safety of the elderly in our congregation.

as well as others who may be at risk,made the decision to cancel all services

starting with the March 15 am service which was streamed live. This coming Sunday,

we will follow the same schedule that we have had since this crisis began. We will not meet as a church; but, Pastor Tom will be at the church

and will plan to live stream another abbreviated service, at 10:45 am. Then, you can watch it live online. Keep checking back on this website for updates.

Sunday: I plan to preach from Acts 27. “God is in the Storm.” No matter what comes against us, if God is there everything is alright. The live stream will begin at 10:45 AM. Log in to, our church website, and click the button that says “Watch Live Stream.” I almost panicked last Sunday. The streaming wasn’t working ten minutes before start time. Karen and Travis did some things and it came on like it was supposed to. Pray that technical difficulties won’t hinder the online service.


What should you do about your weekly church schedule? Participate.

  1. We aren’t having Sunday School but we are going to start. It won’t be on Sunday and it won’t last an hour, only about 20-30 minutes. I have already asked Bro. Dispain to have Mrs. Melba record a lesson and post on her Facebook page. If that doesn’t work we will have him come to the church and do a live stream which we will post to the website. We will then link that video to the church Facebook page and presto, virtual Sunday School. I hope we will have other teachers get on board with this also. Let’s use this crisis and make something good come from it. Remember the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”
  1. Wednesday’s at 9:00 AM, we will have another live Facebook feed with Deb and me. Last Wednesday, there were a good number of you that tuned in. If you have prayer requests you can post those in the chat section. Those will be written down and we will add them to the list just before we begin the prayer portion of the feed. Let others know about the Bible and Prayer time so they can be a part also.

  1. Watch for emails from the church. When things happen, we will do our best to let you know. With that said, if you know of a person in the church without email please make it a point to call them and keep them informed about the latest news from CBC.

*A side note concerning email. If you receive email be careful before opening it. The church email always looks the same. If something seems weird don’t open it. We haven’t had a problem but Macedonia Missions has been warning their missionaries about scammers posing as MWBM.

  1. Listen to the Corinth phone calls that come to your phone, usually on Saturday morning. They are brief but hopefully informational and encouraging.

My prayer right now, if it is the Lord’s will, is for us to be back on Easter Sunday. It may not happen but as of right now that’s my prayer.


Let’s worship together online Sundays at 10:45 am